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Teach you 10 kinds of dining table, dining chair matching method, super practical!


If you want to have your own exclusive dining space, but don't want to spend a lot of money to buy a complete set of dining tables and dining chairs, then the mashup method can help you easily solve all your problems. The flexibility and variability of the mix and match not only saves costs for you, but also shows a unique space personality. But some of the skills are not lost. Let’s introduce 10 different dining chair combinations.


1. High-back couches and folding chairs should be distributed on different sides. The folding chairs in this restaurant are in sharp contrast with the large sofas on the opposite side, but the white fabric chairs placed symmetrically on both sides of the dining table achieve a sense of balance, making the entire dining area look comfortable, cozy and casual. Atmosphere.


2. Use dining chair combinations with different shapes and the same color. It's a bit like a bridesmaid choosing her own dress, as long as it is the same color as the bride's dress, it doesn't matter how you match it. Look at the dining chairs in this dining area with various shapes and different styles, but because they are all black, they form a sense of visual unity, so there is no sense of violation.


3. Use different styles of chairs and the same fabric to match, that is, by covering them with the same fabric, the old-style dining chair and the new-style dining chair are perfectly blended. In this dining area, the dining chair is composed of three forms, but because of the amazing similarity of the fabrics, a strong sense of unity is formed in the vision.


4. Place the upholstered dining chairs on both sides of the dining table. This is perhaps the most popular set of scheme designs, because the obvious sense of order tends to give people a good sense of sight. Place the matching upholstered chair on one side of the long side of the dining table, and place two armchairs on the short side, so that no matter how you look at it, the visual sense is balanced.


5. Put different styles of chairs at both ends of the dining table. In fact, the chair does not need to be swayed by soft cushions, as long as the style corresponds to it, there will be no messy feeling.


6. Use the same style of chairs and different color matching methods. Take a basic matching wooden chair as an example. Choose colors with similar brightness or darkness and place them on the same side, like all colors, all mid-tones and all bright colors. Such a combination of dining chairs is also a kind of Clever plan.


7. The matching method of using the same style chair and different color cushions. That is, it is better to use a complete set of dining chair combinations and use chair cushions with different colors and prints to enhance the fun of the decoration. In this dining area, the yellow-green and lake-blue chair cushions form a diagonal line, and the lattice chair cushions are distributed in four different directions, which not only creates a balanced visual experience, but also enhances the brightness of the entire space.


8. Use the same color combination method between the same chairs. Like this dining area, the dining chairs are all made of the same shape and woven with rattan, but because they are the same earth color, there is no sense of contradiction, but a natural sense of relaxation and comfort in the space is emphasized. .


9. When the chair does not match, use a matching method with similar materials and shapes. If you love to collect old-fashioned chairs, then this matching method is a good choice. Looking at the design of this dining area, although the dining table and chairs are of different styles, the wood material that rushes on the surface makes the vision unable to distinguish in detail, but creates a natural and rustic feeling.


10. Stools and back chairs are distributed on different sides of the dining table. Replacing dining chairs with low stools not only saves costs, but also avoids the dull feeling caused by dining chairs with the same style on both sides. Placing heavy woven rattan chairs on both sides of the short side of the dining table balances the overall design and creates a casual and comfortable dining atmosphere.